Sripatum University at Chonburi

Programs Offered
Bachelor's Degrees
School / Department 4 - Year Bachelor's Degrees
High school/Diploma or Equivalent Diploma /High vocational Certificate

Regular Program

Regular Program
Saturday - Sunday

Regular Program

Weekend Program

School of Law
Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.)
    - Law
School of Business Administration

School of Business Administration Bachelor of Business Administration  (B.B.A.)

    - Management
    - Marketing
    - Aviation Business Management
School of Liberal Arts
Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)
    - English for Business Communication
    - Tourism Management
    - Chinese for Business Communication
School of Accounting
Bachelor of Accountancy (B. Acc.)
    - Accounting
School of Information Technology
Bachelor of Science (Information and Communication Technology)
 - Multimedia Technology
 - Information and Communication Technology
 Bachelor of Business Administration
 - Business Computer
School of Communication Arts
Bachelor of Communication Arts (B.Com. Arts)

Bachelor of Communication Arts (Broadcasting)
B.Com. Arts  (Broadcasting)

    - Broadcasting

Bachelor of Fine and Applied Arts  (Communication Design)

B.F.A. (Communication Design)
    - Communication Design

Bachelor of Fine and Applied Arts (Performing Arts)

B.F.A. (Performing Arts)
    - Performing Arts
School of Logistics

Bachelor of Fine and Applied Arts (Performing Arts)

B.F.A. (Performing Arts)
    - Performing Arts
Programs Offered
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